HM NIS EDIT: Revision history

2.0.3 (03/28/2005)
  • Fixed bug #1162886 bug in "Register as default editor for NSIS files"
  • Fixed bug #1146161 SectionGroup not as keyword highlighted
  • Feature Requests #1105166 Advanced Navigation
  • Updated to be compatible with NSIS 2.06
  • Compiler LogBox enhancements and improvements
  • Other minor fixes
2.0.2 (01/25/2005)
  • Fixed bug #1041833 Wizard does not escape $ in path.
  • Fixed bug #1055253 Usage hint is wrong when word wrap is on.
  • Feature Requests #1051673 Optional save after "compile and run".
  • Updated to be compatible with NSIS 2.04
  • Added Finnish language by Pasi Ruokola
  • Language files updates.
  • Other minor fixes.
2.0.1 (09/28/2004)
  • Compiler profiles, allow you to switch between multiple compiler configurations.
  • Now the wizard insert the MUI_STARTMENU_WRITE_* macros for scripts that use the start menu page. This should fix bug #1004900.
  • New Edit keystrokes dialog allow you to set up your own key combinations for editor commands (to show the dialog: F11->Editor->Options->Edit keystrokes). This should fix bug #1003906
  • New Look in the Options dialog.
  • InstallOptions designer: New "Unknown" control type, display a gray rectangle for unknown control types instead of raise an exception. Useful when editing dialogs that contain non standard IO controls like InstallOptionsEx.
  • Fixed "bug" #871494 .
  • Other minor fixes.
2.0 Final (07/22/2004)
  • Added Word wrap option
  • Splash screen disabled by default.
  • Added Save All action (save all modified files) (FR #954630)
  • Script Wizard: With only few clicks you can add a whole directory tree to the list of files to install. (FR #942854)
  • Now for open include files you must put the cursor in the line where the !include directive is and press Ctrl+Enter, this fix the bug # 983952.
2.0rc2 (04/25/2004)
  • Added Japanese translation.
  • Print the command line in the compiler logbox. (FR #930319)
  • Scrip wizard: now you can select multiple language files. (FR #915901)
  • "Stop compile" button fixes. (FR #887415)
  • Added UseIntegratedBrowser4Help option, allow browse the help file inside the integrated browser.
  • Minor fixes and UI enhancements.
2.0rc1 (02/16/2004)
  • Compiled with latest SynEdit CVS.
  • Use default browser by default.
  • New TeX exporter, alow you to export scripts to TeX format.
  • Added a "Stop Compile" button.
  • Added Hungarian translation.
  • InstallOptions designer:
    • Added Button control.
    • Fixed a bug that display negative coordinates as the double of its actual value.
2.0b5 (11/22/2003)
  • Wizard support for MUI 1.67.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese and Korean translations.
  • Now use the NSIS.chm file as the default help file.
  • Option for open last used files on startup.
  • Option for disable the splash screen.
  • Option for use the default browser instead of the integrated browser.
  • Minor bugs fixed (#836850, #845392, #846153 and others).
2.0b4 (11/03/2003)
  • Option for switch between the two most used windows (Shift+Ctrl+W).
  • Option for save settings in a .ini file instead of the registry.
  • Apply button on the configuration dialog.
  • Don't allow edition of read-only files.
  • Preserve the line-termination style (Unix files are saved as Unix files).
  • Other minor bugs fixed.
  • InstallOptions designer:
    • Option for tab-order (Field number) setting.
    • Options to configure the grid.
    • Option for resize the designer window to Classic/Modern UI dialog size.
    • Option to present the control size as "Width" and "Height" instead of "Right" and "Bottom".
    • Undo.
2.0b3 (10/11/2003)
  • Wizard support for MUI 1.66.
  • Plugins support. Now you can create your own wizards or add more functionality.
  • Added Traditional-Simplified Chinese and Ukrainian translations.
  • Removed Nexos & Tristan toolbar themes for avoid potential drawing bugs in low resolution screens.
  • Avoid compilation of header files.
  • Fixed bugs when using french compiler.
  • Minor tweaks.
2.0b2 (09/08/2003)
  • New Fonts section in language files.
  • Added Greek translation.
  • The Search/Replace dialog now works.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.
  • Minor tweaks.
2.0b1 (08/24/2003)
  • Source code available under the zlib/libpng license (same as NSIS).
  • Nice splash screen and icons by Yuri Holubow.
  • Tool bar themes support, like Office XP.
  • New language file format. Now you can set the shortcuts for each language, and add a description or "usage hint" for each command.
  • Dockable panel that show all files opened, you can perform actions in a specified file without bring it to front.
  • Full customizable editor options.
  • Bookmarks support.
  • Added Italian, Russian and German translations.
  • New Config directory for keep configuration files like HelpIndex.ini, CmpParsing.ini and others.
  • Renamed NSIS.syn to Config\Syntax.ini.
  • New Config\IOCtrlFlags.ini file for set valid flags for each IO control.
  • Some UI tweaks
  • Complete rewrote of the Install Options designer:
    • MDI child designer, now you can have many Install Options pages in design mode at the same time.
    • Properties editors like the Delphi object inspector.
    • Now you can select multiple controls and perform cut, copy and paste operations.
    • Grid to make it easier to place controls.
    • Many bug fixes.

1.4 (07/02/2003)
  • Wizard support for MUI 1.65.
  • Now you can visually edit InstallOptions files.
  • Many InstallOptions designer enhancements.
  • Now show the NSIS version in the About Box.
  • New CmpParsing.ini file for the compiler output parsing and compatibility with international NSIS releases like the French.
  • A list of code templates in the editor's popup menu.
  • Added a XP manifest.
  • Reorganized HelpIndex.ini for easy update.
  • Highlighter support for block comments like C/C++ (Thanks Ramon)
  • Integration with iss2nsi (try to put iss2nsi.exe in the NisEdit directory and see the new item in the tools menu).
  • Many bug fixes.
1.3 (05/20/2003)
  • Updated to SynEdit 1.1
  • Updated to ToolBar2k 2.0.16
  • New SynEdit highlighter. (Thanks Mariusz)
  • InstallOptions designer.
  • Format Tool Bar.
  • Now save settings to registry.
  • Single instance running, and option to disable it.
  • Reorganized directory structure (no more Ejemplo dir and new Lang dir).
  • UndoAfterSave option in the Edit menu
  • CopyAsHTML in the edit menu for copy the selected text as HTML
  • Navigation buttons in the help window
  • Wizard enhancements.
  • Many bug fixes.
1.2 (03/26/2003)
  • First public release.

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