HM NIS Edit is the best Editor/IDE for Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). Its useful for experts and beginners in the creation of Setup programs with the NSIS. Its Script Wizard will help you to create standard Setup programs with only few clicks, also its InstallOptions designer will help you to create your own custom pages with a friendly drag and drop interface.


   In addition of all features of a excellent plain text editor also it has:
  • Multiple scripts edition and compilation interface (MDI).
  • Translatable interface to any language (available in English, Spanish, Polish, French, Czech, Italian, Russian, Greek, German, Chinese, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean).
  • Syntax highlighting with customizable colors and text attributes.
  • Wizard (special for beginner) that will guide for all steps to create a standard Windows Setup program.
  • InstallOptions Designer.
  • Script creation from template files.
  • Code templates with most common commands.
  • Basic NSIS command help with only move the mouse cursor over a command in the editor.
  • Advanced NSIS command help pressing F1 key.
  • Execution of the generate Setup program after script compilation (to try the setup program).
  • Plugins support.
  • No need bulky OCX or run time libraries.



If this software is usefull for you and you want to help me to make it more usefull you can make a monetary donation. Your donations will help me to update my software (development tools, OS) and my hardware, also with your donation I will spend more time in the project in both development process (adding features, fixing bugs) and user support (answer questions from users, visiting forums).


File Size Description Release date
nisedit2.0.3.exe 811 KB The program that will install HM NIS Edit 2.0.3 03/28/2005 524 KB The Delphi 5 source code for HN NIS Edit 2.0.3 03/28/2005

Other files:

File Size Description Release 186 KB A utility to convert Inno Setup scripts to NSIS scripts (source included) 10/11/2003 201 KB A plugin for add files to existing scripts. (Beta, not fully functional) 07/22/2004

Looking for old versions? check the revision history or view a list of all downloadable files.


  • All the people around the world who collaborate with his translations, bugs reports and suggestions.
  • Nullsoft and the NSIS Development team.
  • The  UPX  team , for a great executable packer.
  • All the people who develop the greatest Delphi components that HM NIS Edit use (see credits.txt in source distribution).

© 2003-2005 Hector Mauricio Rodriguez Segura.
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